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With which natural stones can Malachite be associated?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on June 13 2021

You can combine Malachite with sapphire to accentuate appeasement, blue chalcedony to reduce sadness
white or black Agate to calm anxieties, Lava pearl to accentuate its properties according to lithotherapy.
It is a stone which not only is very beautiful with a beautiful dark green, which can be worn as jewelry and which placed on the heart chakra or against a part of the body, can improve a painful point*.
We can make you the necklace, the jewelry of your choice, the personalized bracelet, to measure that you want by sending us a message on We will respond as soon as possible. We will send you photos of proposals and so you can refine your choice and obtain a unique bracelet, in your size.
To know that the Malachite pearl, which we use is a reconstituted stone, the genuine natural 100% Malachite is only sold in jewelry, extremely expensive. But if you want a bracelet in natural malachite, it is possible, we will establish an estimate, in order to be able to refine your choice.
*lithotherapy does not replace traditional medicine, if you have doubts about your health, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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