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How to clean and recharge your stones?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on July 16 2022

The stones are alive and transform as they are used : they change color, crack, and can even lose their properties if they are overstressed. But if you maintain them well, they will retain their benefits.

There are different techniques for the maintenance, cleaning, energy purification and recharging of stones in lithotherapy.

When to clean and recharge your stones?

When you buy a stone or are offered one, the latter is already charged with the energy of the people who have handled it. There first thing to do is to purify it of the energies (potentially negative) that it has accumulated.

It is also necessary regularly clean your stones when you use them for lithotherapy sessions. During the latter, they charge and discharge and it is necessary to neutralize these energy inputs and expenditures to preserve the properties and balance of your stones.

Finally, if you wear your stones on a daily basis , you will also need to unload and purify them.

The different cleaning and purification techniques

The water

This technique is both simple and effective . After using your stones, let them soak in a bowl of water for several hours. They will thus discharge the energies accumulated in contact with the body. To avoid chemical pollution of running water, you can also use demineralised water.

Be careful because not all of them can withstand water. This is particularly the case for azurite , celestite , garnet, pyrite or sulphur.

Burial in the ground

This technique is recommended for stones and crystals that need deep purification. 

For efficient purification and unloading, leave your stone in the ground for a period of several weeks to several months. In this way, your stone will discharge all the energies it has accumulated and will find a second life.

When you dig it up, clean your stone with water, then polish it with a cloth before recharging it.

purification with salt

There are several approaches to salt purification. The first recommends placing your stone on a pile of sea salt and let it discharge thanks to the absorption of energies by the salt.

The second school recommends using a solution of crystallized salt dissolved in water . Reynald Boschiero recommends, for example, using salt from Guérande or Noirmoutier, in combination with demineralised water. In this case, the container is covered with an opaque veil and left to stand for at least three hours. After this purification, rinse your stone with clean water and let it dry in the sun.

Note that not all stones can withstand contact with salt.


This is a gentle technique to purify and unload your stones . It consists of passing the crystals through the smoke given off by incense , paulo santo wood or sage . Use this technique when you want to clean stones and crystals that are not very used or frequently purified.

Once your stones have been purified, you can proceed to reload them.

abalone abalone shell

The abalone shell

You will find on the shop all the tools for the purification of your natural stones.

Different charging techniques

Lithotherapy uses the powers of crystals to heal. She considers that the stones emit a singular vibration capable of improving the well-being of people in contact with them or nearby. The stones store negative waves and transmit their positive energies. However, as we wear and use our stones, their healing energy is depleted. It is therefore important to recharge them after having cleaned them as we have just seen, so that they regain all their virtues.

There are various effective methods to achieve this.

Sun rays

This method is recommended for stones associated with chakras of the lower body. These are stones with warm and energizing colors, such as tiger's eye , citrine , carnelian , sunstone or even bronzite.

To revitalize your crystals, you just have to put them in a container that you will place in a place well exposed to the rays of the sun, on a window sill for example, and not through the glass. It is best to perform the operation at sunrise or sunset. Leave your stones soak up solar energy for about 2 hours. They can then pass it on to you when you wear or use them.

Rose quartz heart in the sunCrystal

Heart of rose quartz , geodes and crystal

The moon rays

The lunar star does not project its own light, but reflects that of the sun, making it possible to obtain a much softer and more subtle light, while retaining the original energy. This charging mode is more suitable for delicate minerals that can lose their shine on contact with UV rays . This is for example the case of Celestite. If in doubt or if you don't know which category your minerals belong to, then it is best to use moonbeams.

This method is also suitable for stones of intuition and those related to the higher chakras. They are often cold in color.

We can group in this category moonstone , aquamarine , labradorite , lapis lazuli , amethyst , fluorite and sodalite .

The method consists of placing them under the lunar rays all night long, ideally during full moon nights. However, avoid taking them out if it is raining or snowing. Obviously, it is always important that the exposure is made directly and not through a window.

Recharging minerals at the moon

Recharge your crystals with each other

You can also reload your stones between them.

Clear crystals such as quartz, rock crystal but also amethyst would indeed have the power to recharge others. Simply place your stones, minerals and natural stone jewelry on an amethyst cluster , on a white quartz cluster or in a quartz geode .

amethyst clusterNatural stone bracelet on geodeAquamarine ring in its small quartz geode

The flower of life platter or the scallop shell

You don't want to worry about knowing when the next full moon will be?

You can also recharge your stones with a flower of life tray or a scallop shell that you will find at your fishmonger. To use it, nothing could be simpler. Just put your stones there.

How often should you recharge your stones?

The cleaning and recharging of the stones should be done right after their purchase, because they are charged with the energy of the people who have handled them before. It is also necessary do this after each use . If they are mounted on jewelry, they should be cleaned and recharged weekly.

How often you need to recharge your stones depends on how you use them. However, in general, it is recommended to clean and recharge them at least once a month .

You will find on the shop, all the essential tools for cleaning and recharging your natural stones. You can compose your custom cleaning or reloading pack by combining it, abalone, incense, sage and crystals... Leave us your request directly on the chat, we will answer it very quickly.

I hope this article has taught you something, feel free to provide additional information. 💖

I wish you great discoveries in the wonders that nature offers us and a beautiful day.

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