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How to clean, recharge the Lapis-Lazuli?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 29 2021

You have chosen it carefully, it is very beautiful, with a beautiful blue color...

Lapis lazuli is a fragile stone that requires special attention during its maintenance. To preserve its powers and its intense blue color, you must remember to purify it and recharge it regularly.

Remember each natural stone is different because of its composition and they each have their method of cleaning and recharging.

The easiest solution is to let your lapis lazuli soak overnight in a container of distilled water or spring water .
Avoid salt, hot water and tap water which could weaken your stone, then wipe it gently with a clean cloth to limit the appearance of scratches.
After purifying your stone, you can recharge it.
Lapis Lazuli, like most natural blue colored stones, loves the moon . Best to take it out on full moon nights.
You can also use a cluster of quartz or amethyst to optimize this recharging ritual. White quartz and amethyst are ideal for multiplying the power of other minerals.
If you carry out these rituals of purification and recharging with care, your lapis lazuli stone will offer you all its benefits for many years.
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