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Labradorite, mysterious and magical protection stone

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on October 27 2021

Get to know her better

It takes its name from the site where it was discovered. "Labrador" in Canada .

Its unique reflections resemble those of the Northern Lights.

It has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, its chemical composition is a sodium and calcium aluminosilicate and it belongs to the group of Feldspars .

What is she like ?

It is a stone that is characterized by its iridescent appearance , gray in color, it has reflections of green, red, pink, lilac, purple, turquoise blue, orange, gold...

Raw or Polished

Labradorite 1 side polished and the rest rawLabradorite raw stone

Rough and polished Labradorite, visit the shop

Free form? Pebbles?

polished labradoritepebble shaped labradorite

Freeform and Pebble Polished Labradorite

Labradorite has different names

The name "spectrolite" is mainly used in the jewelry industry, it corresponds to labradorites which have many iridescences.

The name "larkivite" is used to designate a variety of Norwegian labradorite, which has strong blue iridescence. 

As for " white labradorite", it is often confused with moonstone, which it resembles. Many stores will sell you a white labradorite with bluish reflections, as being a moonstone. It is therefore the trade name given to the rainbow moonstone .

The main deposits of labradorite stone are found in Canada, Madagascar, Greenland, Finland and Norway, but it can also be found in France.

Shaman 's Tal Shout

Labradorite rebalances and harmonizes the aura.

Lithotherapy says of her that she is a shield that absorbs negative energies. A stone recommended for lonely people, as it amplifies the gift of pleasing and helps create new friendships. It stimulates intuition, reduces anxiety, restores confidence and perseverance. It's a regenerative stone physically and mentally, following periods of exhaustion.

It's here protective stone major, it is called "the stone of therapists".

The dominant color of labradorite can amplify some of its virtues. It is said that the blue abradorite is the one that would be the most protective.

Blue labradorite pebbleBlue labradorite pendant

Blue labradorite pebble and pendant

Its spiritual benefits

Labradorite is known to relieve feelings of anxiety , insecurity and stress. It would encourage reflection and the search for truth. Labradorite would help improve one's intuition and recall old memories. Some have noticed that this stone would allow magic to happen in the right place and at the right time. Also known to encourage the creation of friendships, it is recommended for solitary or introverted people .

Protective, energy shield as I told you above, labradorite unlike obsidian and tiger's eye which returns to the outside (return to sender), absorbs all negative influences for you . This is why it is particularly recommended for professions in helping relationships (nurse, doctor, psychologist, etc.) as well as magnetizers, sophrologists, hypnotherapists, and of course empaths.

Its physical benefits, according to lithotherapy*

Being an essentially spiritual stone, labradorite has few physical benefits, except to regenerate in case of exhaustion. However, users have noticed that wearing labradorite jewelry helps reduce their sensitivity to cold.

Labradorite is particularly suited to the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Regarding the chakras, it is beneficial on the heart chakra and the solar plexus, for those using it in care.

Top quality labradorite pendant

Top quality labradorite pendant

Purification and recharging of labradorite

Being a stone that absorbs the negative, you will need to frequently purify your labradorite so that it continues to provide you with its benefits. It is not uncommon to see a labradorite crack, or even break as it will have stored up energy.

Purify it with water for a few hours, then recharge it with the rays of the moon. Full moon evenings are the most recommended.

Thank you for reading this article. You can comment below, note your experiences, anecdotes, it will certainly help others who are wondering about labradorite.

You will find on the oussia shop, many labradorites in various forms, whether in rough or polished stone , in the form of a pebble or in the form of a heart , in jewelry and inbracelets .

*Each of the listed properties are taken from reference works in lithotherapy and feedback from users. This information is given for information only and does not in any way constitute a medical diagnosis, nor engage our responsibility.

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