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Posted on April 03 2023

Rhodochrosite is a superb stone with pink hues. Bright and translucent, it takes many forms depending on its variety. Precious for its rarity and beauty, it is also precious in the eyes of lithotherapists.

Rhodochrosite is a symbol of peace, gentleness and positivity.


The name of this magnificent stone comes from the Greek terms “ Rhodon ” and “ Khrômas ”. Rhodon simply means "pink" and evokes the delicate hues of the mineral. The word “surface” is the literal translation of “ khrômas ” which can be interpreted here as color or tint.

The history of rhodochrosite

The first fragments of rhodochrosite stone would have been identified by the Incas in Argentina, around the 13th century. They exploited silver mines there in which they discovered this pretty pink stone . Rhodochrosite is part of animist legends giving it a symbolism linked to forgiveness , true love, loyalty. The fall of the Inca civilization, following the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors, led to the abandonment of the mines and the oblivion of this stone.

In the 18th century, the copper and silver mines of southern Argentina were reopened. The pink stones reappear on this occasion. A German mineralogist, Hausmann, was the first to give it its current name. It then gradually took its place in geology textbooks, which were then the subject of official recognition.

Today, rhodochrosite remains the national stone of Argentina.

Rhodochrosite pendant Rhodochrosite pendant

The properties of rhodochrosite in lithotherapy

These relaxing and soothing effects have a mental and emotional impact.

This stone, of a soft pink color or rose rouge more candid is connected to the heart chakra . At the level of the heart chakra, the rhodochrosite temporizes, pushes to opt for a position of recoil. She avoids sentimental excesses likely to harm both herself and her relationships with others. It balances emotions and feelings .

Powerful anti-stress

There Rhodochrosite stone is an excellent anti-stress . Its use promotes a return to calm, the disappearance of anxiety, access to relaxation.

Healing emotional wounds

The use of this stone is recommended for all people who have painful emotional wounds. It offers a feeling of relaxation but also of comfort necessary to cure the psychic sorrows. There rhodochrosite also contributes to alleviating the feeling of insecurity.

To recharge it, simply expose it to sunlight for several hours. To maximize its power, also place it on a cluster of quartz or a cluster of amethyst .

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Rhodochrosite Choker

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