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Lapis-Lazuli, the Blue Stone associated with the astrological sign of Virgo

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 29 2021

Stone of communication , Lapis-Lazuli can help those born under the sign of Virgo, having difficulty communicating their emotions, their feelings, to speak in public.

Used for 7000 years, lapis lazuli is one of the most prized stones, both in mineralogy, in jewelry and in lithotherapy. Its millennial history is fascinating, and its multiple powers and virtues make it a stone with a thousand and one riches. 💥

The name of the stone is made up of the Latin words “lapis” (meaning “stone”) and “lazuli” (meaning “azure”). The term lazuli comes from the Persian lâdjaward, itself derived from the Sanskrit "raja farta", which means "king's portion" (and which indicates the almost sacred value given to this mineral). The Persian term became lazul in Arabic, then lazulum in Latin. Literally, lapis lazuli is therefore “the azure stone”.
But the stone has gone by various names over the millennia.
In Antiquity, it was not uncommon for it to be confused with another blue stone: sapphire. This was for example the case of Pliny the Elder, a Roman author of the 1st century, but also of Theophrastus in the 3rd century BC. JC and Georgius Agricola in the 15th century. The latter described the stone as a sapphire with golden spots, which reminded them of a sky studded with stars.
It is an opaque stone with a matte luster, which derives its value from the intensity and dominance of its blue color. The more white calcite veins or pyrite chips it contains, the less valuable it is.
The rarest and finest lapis are found in Afghanistan, particularly in the province of Badakhshan, where the stone has been quarried for thousands of years.
The stones that I have selected for the pendants come precisely from this locality, hence their AAA grade.
Those of lesser value usually come from Russia, the Lake Baikal region and Siberia.
The deposits of Chile, located in Ovalle, extract a paler variety of the stone (note in passing that lapis lazuli is the “national stone” of the country).
The drilled lapis-Lazuli (drilled on the sides) offered with their black cord, present in the shop come from Chile. By putting the two varieties side by side, we can see their difference, explaining their price.
This magnificent blue stone is recommended for those born under the sign of the Virgin, in lithotherapy, because of a very modest nature, the Virgin has difficulty communicating her feelings. Lapis-Lazuli, like Sodalite, precisely develops oral communication and the expression of feelings.
I hope this little article on Virgo and Lapis-Lazuli will have provided you with information and will be useful to you... 😀
Feel free to comment...thanks

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  • Rolande: December 25, 2021

    Une belle pierre que j’ai offerte à mon jeune fils de 22 ans, qui était complètement triste et enfermé sur lui-même, il s’est mis à communiquer et à prendre des décisions. Whaou

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