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What does the dragon symbolize?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on October 14 2021

The dragon, esoteric spiritual creature

The dragon is a legendary creature found in many cultures. A nimal, a kind of reptile that is generally represented with wings, claws and a serpent's tail. He is neither male nor female and his gaze fascinates like that of a snake.

The word “dragon” comes from the Indo-European taken over by the Greek drakon and the Latin draco (“ to see clearly”, “piercing gaze ”). He is a vigilant and intractable guardian.

There is a whole symbolism behind this winged animal. He is considered a monster, frightens and rules over all the elements.

But you will discover that the dragon is much more than that!

The dragon can also be a benefactor, a protector who can represent immortality.

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The dragon rules over all the elements

- the earth since it is a kind of reptile, a dinosaur facing man,

- water , since dragons are born in water, in an egg (hence the name of the natural stone Septaria (in the shape of a prehistoric egg that comes to rest on the edge of the water), we called "Dragon Stone")

- the air , since it flies

- fire , since it spits flames.

In America, the so-called Quetzalcoatl dragon resembles a feathered serpent. He is the god of vegetation, earth and water: his power is reminiscent of that of Asian dragons

The dragon is the guardian of a treasure or a place

It is found in many Christian legends and in Greek mythology. He is the keeper of the Golden Fleece that Jason must kill and is found in several of the Labors of Hercules. He is the one Saint George (patron saint of knights) kills symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Is the dragon destructive or protective?

A symbol of power , but also of danger, the dragon has diametrically opposed meanings according to Asian and Western legends.

The dragon, a destroyer

The dragon is associated with hell, the demon, vanity, pride and evil power.

In Christianity, the dragon is the symbol of evil, of the devil. It is associated with the beast of the apocalypse, it is the incarnation of Satan .

In ancient illustrations, the western dragon looks like a large lizard with evil eyes, adorned with a spiky tail and broad wings, struck down by saints like Saint Michael, Saint George .

The dragon, a protector

In Japan, it is called "Ryū". Wingless and covered in scales, it has the body of a snake, the legs of a tiger, the talons of an eagle, the ears of an ox and the horns of a deer. Revered by the Japanese, this oriental dragon is one of the guardians of Buddhism, symbolizing wisdom and strength.

In Asia, the dragon represents the power of nature, of the climate; dangerous but not necessarily negative . "Long" is a wingless oriental dragon with the body of a serpent, mouth of a dromedary, paws of a lion and claws of an eagle. He is a messenger between men and gods.

In China, it is the symbol of life and power. It is one of the signs of the Chinese calendar, associated with immortality and is the object of a cult.

The dragon symbolizes mystery, magic, authority

The Celtic dragon is believed to be a magical creature that could create energy conduits while traveling on Earth. Every place where the lines intersected offered exceptional power. This is how the stone circle of Stonehenge would have been created according to some. Guardian of the secrets of the universe, the Celtic dragon is represented in red and symbolizes power and sovereignty.

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In the Far East, the dragon symbolizes the authority of the emperor .

The dragon symbol

The dragon is celestial power, mystery, darkness, all that is hidden.

Power and evil, mainly among Christians. Combat and war, it is found on shields, coats of arms.

This is the test; it must be fought. For those who succeed, it is to become a hero and achieve immortality. We also talk about wisdom.

These are the forces of nature, the positive and the negative, the cycles and the power of metamorphosis. It is duality, yin and yang .

The dragons are often in pairs, devouring each other.

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In China

A famous Chinese legend tells of the dragon chasing the pearl of immortality. The dragon hides a pearl under the folds of its goiter. This pearl symbolizes the extent of his power.

Whoever is lucky enough to recover it will know happiness, fullness and wisdom: he will have access to the knowledge of higher things.

In Eastern countries (China and Japan), the dragon represents strength of mind, physical strength and is a sign of wisdom.

In Asian countries, he is seen as a bearer of blessings, bringing health, longevity, prosperity and happiness to those who honor him.

In Psychoanalysis

The dragon encompasses within itself positive forces and self-destructive negative forces.

It is both consciousness and unconsciousness, key to knowledge and obstacle to knowledge. The dragon therefore refers to the dark side of everyone (our fears, bad instincts, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, etc.).

These bad sides can be fought with self-knowledge.

Today ...

The dragon is always present

He is the inspiration for countless books, poems, works of art, Disney's Eliot the Dragon movies, Shrek , the dragons in Harry Potter , video games like Pokemon , Dragon Ball Z...

And even the company SpaceX led by Elon Musk has just launched a space vehicle project called ... Crew Dragon!

the dragon in space Crew Dragon

The tattoo

Some very popular choices in tattoo parlors include the Asian dragon wrapped around the arm, the tribal dragon on the back, and the three dragons from the cult series Game of thrones on the sides.

The 3 dragons of the Game of thrones dragon queen

The totem animal

The dragon is one of the totem animals in new age culture and is depicted in yoga culture. The dragon spirit animal and totem is one of the most powerful.

"If the dragon has come into your life, it asks you to tap into your psychic nature and allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of wonder and mystery."

The dragon bangle

In fashion, the dragon has therefore arrived in charms for bracelets. The dragon bracelet is not just a simple piece of jewelry, since it was traditionally intended for emperors.

It is an ultra-trendy jewel that adds character to an outfit and when the dragon bracelet is made of natural pearls, it transmits positive vibes to its wearer.

The natural pearl dragon bracelet

The different beads to associate with the dragon

Depending on the pearls, the energies, the benefits are different. You can of course combine several of them, to increase their power and have a more assertive style.

Depending on their colors, the beaded dragon bracelet does not have the same symbolism.

When it is blue in color (blue agate, dark blue cat's eye, sodalite, lapis lazuli, hawk's eye...), the dragon bracelet brings peace, security, eloquence.

With violet-colored pearls (amethyst, etc.), creativity, spirituality, a free spirit and peace are highlighted.

The dragon bracelet in red beads is power. It helps to boost courage, energy, endurance, vitality.

And when it is black , it allows you to live your reality better, to be anchored.

You will find on our shop the gunmetal dragon head bracelet with quality natural pearls of several colors.

Why wear the dragon bracelet?

Don't listen to what some say about men who wear bracelets. "That's not manly!"

When you look at history, emperors, kings, warriors wore them. And even in prehistoric times, cavemen had ties made of shells or bones on their wrists to ward off evil spirits.

On the advertisements of our cities, it's Johnny Deep , Brad Pitt ... affirming their male, wild side, their style and their bracelets. The bracelets embody refinement, luxury, fortune, bohemian bohemian chic spirit...

As for the dragon bracelet, it gives you a different status ... embodying fantasy, mystery, passion with its red side, imagination, creativity. It does not leave indifferent!

To get your dragon bracelet , visit our shop or send us your request on, we create and manufacture to measure.

See you soon ... thank you for reading me and if you enjoyed my article, leave me a little comment.

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