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The 7 chakras

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on October 04 2021

The word chakra

The word chakra means "wheel of energy" or disc, it is the name traditionally given in Sanskrit to objects having this form, like the sun.

The chakras come from a system of beliefs from Hinduism. They designate " centers of light and energy " and would have a physical and physiological reality in the same way as other organs.

The term is now best known to refer to "spiritual centers" or "junction points of energy channels" that could be located in the human body. According to this conception which comes to us from Kundalini (yoga), there would be seven main chakras and thousands of secondary chakras. While some people claim to be able to smell them and even see them, the current state of scientific knowledge does not confirm their existence.

The 7 chakras

The seven main chakras are described as forming a luminous column extending from the base of the spine to the base of the head. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, a duo of deities, a classical element, sounds, an organ of action, a sensory organ, functions of consciousness...

They make the link between Earth and Heaven . They are sometimes represented by spirals or wheels of energy turning clockwise, sometimes by lotus flowers which open and close with the breath.

Chakras are responsible for the disruption of life energy, which is also known as Qi or Prana.

In lithotherapy

An imbalance of the chakras can disturb the body or the emotions. It is therefore important to have a good knowledge of the stones to know which ones are effective.

Each chakra corresponds to a color

root chakra: red - sacral chakra: orange - solar plexus chakra: yellow - heart chakra: green - throat chakra: sky blue - 3rd eye chakra: dark blue - crown chakra: purple and then chose the natural stones that corresponded to it the best. For simplicity !

Each chakra corresponds to a natural stone

Each natural stone bead, by its color and the vibrations it emits, will influence one of the 7 chakras to unblock it, rebalance it and allow energy to circulate again.

Red agate will work the root chakra and promote daily anchoring. It is also a stone of peace.

Carnelian symbolizes vitality. It helps fight depression.

Tiger's eye will help regain confidence. It is also a stone of protection.

Green aventurine is a stone of luck and renewal. It will help calm the mind.

Turquoise is a healing stone.

Sodalite will help communication, promote dreams and regain good sleep.

Amethyst is a stone of creation and spirituality. It will stimulate intuition, clairvoyance.

Thus the energy of these 7 natural stones together will help to work on the 7 chakras on a daily basis.

Necklace the 7 chakras

Natural pearl jewelry the 7 chakras are one of the main jewels in lithotherapy. They exist in custom-made choker necklaces, but also inbracelets .

the bracelet "the 7 chakras"

Bracelet the 7 chakras to be found on our shop

Adorned with 7 beautiful stones , this 7 chakras bracelet will cleanse, align and rebalance your energy centers.

Much more than a simple jewel made of natural stone beads, the 7 chakras bracelet accompanies daily life, supports energy work and helps to move forward, whatever the circumstances.

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