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Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 18 2024

Lithotherapy is increasingly popular with many people, including some celebrities. Some personalities from the entertainment, fashion, and music worlds have spoken publicly about their use of crystals to help relieve stress, anxiety, or to boost their emotional well-being.

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl and stylist said she always wears an amethyst to help ease her mind and promote mental clarity. “We are both in love with energy crystals,” say David and Victoria Beckham who revealed placing stones and crystals around their Los Angeles home to boost health and energy levels.
Victoria Beckham told the Daily Star newspaper: "We both love crystals and benefit from their crystal energy, I have lots of rose quartz and black tourmaline in my bathroom, I am a very spiritual person and I I always travel with my crystals, I have them in all colors »

Katy Perry

The singer said she uses crystals to protect against negative energies. She was also pictured wearing a rose quartz crystal necklace to help open her heart chakra. " I'm never alone for long. I wear a lot of rose quartz because it attracts love and when I'm too much in love I wear amethyst to bring calm to my relationship .

Miranda Kerr

The Australian model and entrepreneur said she uses crystals to help reduce her stress. She even created her own line of crystals called “Kora Organics”. “You may have read in press articles that when people ask me what's in my purse, I often answer a rock crystal Wand or a rose quartz crystal .
My Crystal Wand is made of rock crystal inlaid with rose quartz. Rock crystal is a great stone for gathering, directing and transmitting energy, it can also transform negative energy into positive energy. Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone for healing and protecting the heart, balancing emotions , releasing stress, and encouraging love .
Crystals can be used in many healing methods. In addition to using them on a specific area of ​​the body or on chakra points to locate blockages, cleanse them and heal them, they can also be used in massage .
Massaging the body with a crystal helps release tension from the body while at the same time benefiting from the healing energy of the stone being transferred to the body.
I hold my crystal during meditation , prayer , deep breathing exercises and use it to infuse my rose oil with positive vibrations before a massage. I also sleep my stone nearby in order to constantly receive its healing energies . »

Gwyneth Paltrow

The American actress and entrepreneur is known for her interest in alternative wellness practices, including crystal healing. She said she used crystals to help reduce stress and promote sleep.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Between the 5th and 6th season of the series “ The Hills ”, Heidi Pratt endured ten plastic surgery operations and nearly died. For six months, she had to lie in a bed wrapped in bandages like a mummy. “ I was in so much pain ,” Heidi said. “ I cried every day . »
Doctors prescribed her painkillers but they did not ease the pain and she stopped taking them. One day Spencer brought crystals home, when he placed them next to Heidi's bed, the pain disappeared.
I felt that the crystals were helping me and I have no rational explanation for this miracle


The famous British singer has spoken publicly about her interest in lithotherapy. In particular, she said in an interview that she uses crystals to help manage her anxiety before her shows and to help boost her emotional well-being.

Adele said she used rhodonite and black tourmaline crystals to help relieve her anxiety. Rhodonite is known to help calm the mind and promote inner peace, while Black Tourmaline is often used to help protect against negative energies.

Voice problems forced her to leave the stage and it is thanks to the stones that she says she was able to heal.

Naomi Campbell
I think crystals bring a lot of energy, to get better, I practice lithotherapy every day ,” said Naomi Campbell, who believes in the healing powers of crystals. “ I think they bring great energy and I always travel with my stones . »

Lucy Hale
I do Reiki , it's great energy work , and I use amethyst stones.
Basically, amethyst is the most positive stone that exists, if you put them in your house they generate good energy . »

Kate Hudson
What's on your nightstand?
" A bowl of rock crystal filled with heart crystals rose quartz My mom gave me for Mother's Day . »

Shirley MacLaine
The first time someone gave me a natural quartz crystal , I placed it in the palm of my hand to examine it. I was fascinated. Not only was the stone beautiful, it seemed to have dimensions within dimensions, reflections within reflections. I held it up to the sun and let myself go...
In a darkened room I placed the crystal at eye level then lit a candle behind it and sat down next to her.
I looked into the crystal and projected loving, positive thought forms into it. I had the feeling that they reverberated in me, it was very pleasant.
Then I tried negative and anger thought forms and felt like that's what I got back because it made me feel uncomfortable. I made my choice. For an hour I sat in front of my crystal with the candle behind it and looked at it with thoughts as pleasant as possible. It was a great evening. And I slept better for weeks . "

And other celebrities like Lady Gaga hugging a giant quartz crystal in one of her videos, Willow and Jaden Smith doing their orgonites...

However, it is important to note that lithotherapy does not replace conventional medical treatments and that there is not enough scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of lithotherapy as a medical treatment. It is important to consult a medical professional before trying any new wellness practice.

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