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Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on January 16 2023

It is not easy to know which stone suits us best. Each stone, crystal, mineral has its own benefits according to lithotherapy. You can choose your stone according to your life path, as seen in one of my previous articles. You can also choose it according to your astrological sign or month of birth.

Which stone to choose according to your astrological sign?

" If you choose your stone in relation to your astrological sign, it will allow you to connect to the vibration of the universe as it was at the time of your birth, and therefore to appease the negative tendencies of your sign while reinforcing positive trends explains lithotherapist Caterina Zita in her book “My First Healing Stones”.

The custom of birthstones would hold its origin from the twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel which were encrusted in the breastplate of the older brother of Moses, Aaron.

The Bible mentions that, already in antiquity, Jewish priests wore a pectoral, a clothing ornament, decorated with 12 gems which symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel (Moses 2.28: 15-30). They also represented the 12 months of the year.

The nature of the stones that decorated this ceremonial garment remains a mystery. Indeed, at the time, we did not have the advanced equipment that allows us today to differentiate minerals of similar colors. In the Middle Ages, people were convinced that the strength of the stones intensified in the month to which they corresponded. The great lords therefore wore a different gem every month to take advantage of their virtues.

Each would then have been associated with each astrological sign .

Today several stones and crystals can match our sun sign . When chosen well, their energies can impact our life trajectory by helping us overcome our fears and manifest our deepest desires. 

What is your birthstone?

The first "official" list was drawn up in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewellers, now called "Jewelers of America". The one presented below was written in 1952 by the Jewelery Industry Council, and revised in 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

Birthstone for those born in January

Garnet is a symbol of loyalty and commitment. It is given many virtues. It would be protective, the Crusaders adorned their armor with it in order to avoid injuries. It is said to bring prosperity. It is also the stone of lovers, it awakens passions and even has aphrodisiac powers.

Birthstone for those born in February

It's amethyst . It is called the Stone of the Bishops. According to legend, it connects the human to the Divine. It would be synonymous with positive energy, drive away bad thoughts and prevent bad dreams. More surprisingly, it is said that amethyst would prevent drunkenness: in antiquity, it was common to drink from amethyst glasses in order not to get drunk.

The birthstone for those born in March

Aquamarine as its name suggests is the Stone of Sailors, it would protect them from the dangers of sea travel. Its beautiful color inspired our elders, who attributed purifying properties to it. It is also said to inspire and bring creativity. Symbol of fidelity, it would protect lovers.

The birthstone for those born in April

The diamond is the most prestigious stone in the world and at the same time the symbol of eternal love, purity and solidity. The legends around the diamond are very numerous: in the Middle Ages at the Court, it was common to ingest diamond powder for its virtues.

The birthstone of those born in May

It's the emerald . She is most often associated with the Holy Grail, but also with Cleopatra, who distributed portraits of her engraved on emeralds to her high dignitaries. It is attributed with soothing properties. It would strengthen Love and promote friendships.

The birthstone for those born in June

It's alexandrite . Rarer than diamonds, its price can be aligned with its last. Discovered in the 19th century in Russia, the spring is now dried up, but it is also found in Brazil, Burma and Madagascar. It is the stone of the ambitious, indeed it symbolizes power, wisdom and justice.

It's moonstone . In mythology, Moonstone has often been associated with female deities, which is why it is often associated with the symbol of motherhood but also of eroticism and sensuality. The Romans believed that the brilliance of this stone changed with the phases of the moon.

The third birthstone for June is the pearl . Like the Moonstone, the Pearl is also a relatively feminine stone. It is associated with Venus, sensuality, and perfect beauty.

The birthstone for those born in July

Love, Romance, Pleasure. The ruby ​​and its red color ignites the spirits. In a completely different spirit, it has often been used to commemorate the Passion, the Blood of Christ. It is a stone that would have protective and curative virtues. It also symbolizes courage.

The birthstone of those born in August

It is a fascinating Stone, and many legends have been born around it: Peridot is the symbol of Protection, Pirates used it to ensure a good trip. It is also associated with medicine and it is given curative properties: the Egyptians treated themselves with this Stone. It is also said to ward off heartache and the evil eye.

The birthstone for those born in September

Better known in its blue color, the sapphire can take many colors. It is often associated with fidelity, and it is fashionable to offer it as an engagement ring. It is also a symbol of purity, wisdom and immortality.

The birthstone for those born in October

It's the opal. According to many legends, this stone would be a lucky charm, its opalescence would reflect the mood of its owner. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that it preserved thieves by giving them the power of invisibility.

Tourmaline has a strange power: it attracts the ashes of the hearth on which it was heated since it is a vector of static electricity. Dutch sailors used it to clean their pipe. It is a symbol of serenity and it is said to have soothing virtues.

The birthstone for those born in November

Citrine is a symbol of prosperity and glory, it was considered at the time as the stone of merchants. It is said to bring joy, and that it would transform negative waves into positive ones. It would also promote concentration.

Topaz is considered a Holy Stone, being one of the twelve stones that allowed the construction of Jerusalem. It is a symbol of loyalty, offering a Topaz would guarantee an eternal friendship. It would also bring serenity.

The birthstone for those born in December

Tanzanite is most often associated with the Maasai people, who offer this stone to their newborns to bring them luck. It is a stone found most often in Tanzania, and very rarely in Pakistan.

It is turquoise , one of the first gemstones to be mined. -6000 BC! Due to its long history, there are a plethora of legends about it. Exchange currency among the indigenous peoples of the two Americas, sacred objects, it is a symbol of wealth and peace. It would also be a protective stone that would absorb negative energies.

Often used as an ersatz for diamond, zircon is often confused with zirconium. Zircon is a natural stone, zirconium a synthetic stone. It was often used in ancient times as a talisman against burglaries. It is also said that it would heal heartache and promote letting go.

Birthstones continue to fascinate us since ancient times. Indeed, wearing them has a very special symbolism and they are an opportunity to mark important dates such as a birthday or the imminent arrival of a baby, like the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle). At the announcement of her pregnancy, she wore three rings set with her birthstone, that of Prince Harry and that of the unborn child.

Which stone corresponds to your astrological sign?

Many people find it more sensible to associate gemstones with the zodiac sign rather than the month of birth. Many lists circulate.

On the shop , you will find stone and jewelry boxes for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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