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Which stone to give to a friend?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 21 2024

In recent years, lithotherapy has seduced more and more people, whether gentlemen or ladies. Offering a natural stone jewel is almost a safe bet.

“I always advise following your intuition . This goes for the stones you buy for yourself or the ones you plan to gift! Think about the person you want to give a gift to and let your feelings guide you.

“If you plan to give a gift to someone who rarely takes time for themselves, I recommend rose quartz . This stone symbolizes self-love. It is a stone that embodies gentleness and benevolence . I also recommend Tiger's Eye, which is a stone of protection . I also like rock crystal, a kind of magic wand that can highlight and clarify certain patterns”.

THE stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz is an ideal gift for parents, loved ones or friends.

A soft and soothing stone, it conveys its good energies through feelings of tenderness and infinite love.

If you wish to offer love, you can offer a rose quartz stone. As a pendant, necklace or rolled stone, let yourself be guided by the virtues of pink quartz.

The first stone we offer you is the stone of friendship!

Sunstone is a stone that radiates heat and energies. It transmits joy, good humor.

It is an ideal stone for people who are introverted and who would really need a boost to loosen up a bit!

Giving sunstone to a friend is like giving him joy and cheerfulness!

“The scams are more about the gemstone market. Getting tricked is rare, but be careful when doing your purchases on the Internet. Some stones called sunstone sometimes contain only sequins . If the stones are too homogeneous, it is also a bad sign… To take care of them, I clean them with sage and I advise to recharge them in the light of the moon once a month

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