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What are the stones for your pets?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 20 2023

Our friends, animals can also benefit from the virtues of natural stones in lithotherapy. You can attach a small stone pendant to your pet's collar and here are some that you can use without fear.

Tiger's eye for protection and trust

For animals, tiger's eye fights against the restlessness of dogs or their obsessive side (circles around its tail, obsession with a toy). It is also a stone of protection against negative energies. Your companion is thus more serene. On a physical level, the tiger eye stone acts on problems related to bones and joints (osteoarthritis of older dogs).

Tiger eye point pendant Tiger's eye point pendant to hang on the medal

Rock crystal for weakened animals

Rock crystal is ideal for a weakened animal. If your pet seems sluggish or lacking in enthusiasm; it is possible that the 7th chakra of your cat or your dog is unbalanced. Called the crown chakra, it is located above the head and directly controls the brain and cerebral cortex. To rebalance it, you can use a point of rock crystal by hanging it on its medal or place quartz stones in its environment.

Point of rock crystalRock crystal pendantcrystal pendant

Point of rock crystal or stone in a cage to hang on your medal

Zois ruby ​​or zoisite ruby ​​stone is also suitable for animals with a lack of energy .

Zoist Ruby Pendant Zoisite ruby ​​pendant to attach to your medallion

Amethyst against stress

This purple stone is said to promote calm, relieve stress and anxiety , making it a popular choice for pets with nervous dispositions. Amethyst is ideal for rebalancing the 3rd eye chakra. It is associated with the nervous system, the head, the forehead as well as with concentration. Your animal has this unbalanced chakra if for example you observe that it has a lack of coordination or if it loses its balance. It is also a calming stone for hyperactive animals. She can
relieve physical pain, particularly in the joints, and helps older animals. Reducing panic attacks and stress, it soothes in case of separation.

amethyst pendant amethyst pendant Small amethyst heart and caged amethyst pendant

Rose Quartz for Love

This pink stone promotes love and emotional healing , making it a popular choice for pets who have experienced trauma or loss. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, so it is the stone associated with the heart chakra. It is a superb stone to improve the relationship with your animal. Rose quartz conveys a sense of security and peace.

If you have adopted your pet, this is the stone to use first.

Rose quartz heart pendant

Rose quartz pendantCaged rose quartz pendant

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant and Cage Pendants

Green aventurine for the feeling of abandonment

It may happen that you temporarily separate from your animal, during your holidays and travels. Some may feel abandoned, neglected and afraid.

It is therefore at the level of the heart chakra that it will be necessary to work. You can position an aventurine pendant on your dog's collar and thus reduce your pet's fears. Absorbing negative energies, green aventurine allows the animal to regain its calm and inner peace.

Green aventurine pendant

Green aventurine pendantGreen aventurine pendant

Green aventurine pendant


The blue sand stone or blue sand is an anti-stress stone. It is also suitable for those who are afraid of abandonment .

blue sand stone pendant

blue sandstone blue sandstone blue sand pendant

Citrine against depression, stone of happiness

Citrine promotes happiness and vitality , making it a popular choice for pets who need an energy boost or are suffering from depression.

Custom citrine pendantCaged citrine pendantSilver cage pendant

Caged citrine pendant

Sodalite against aggression

Sodalite is a soothing stone . If your pet has a tendency to panic attacks, it will be ideal to reassure your companion. It is associated with the throat chakra and will therefore act on the areas associated with it such as the lungs, mouth, ears, vocal cords and listening. Sodalite acts as an emotional stabilizer and alleviates hypersensitivity. Thus it is a stone that is used to counterbalance the aggressiveness and aggressive behavior of your animal.

sodalite pendantCaged sodalite pendant Caged sodalite pendant against aggression.

Black tourmaline protects against waves

black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and protects against electromagnetic radiation , making it a popular choice for pets that are easily overstimulated or live in areas of high electromagnetic activity.

black tourmaline pendant black tourmaline pendant

Jasper against hyperactivity

This stone exists in a wide variety of colors. Jasper promotes stability and grounding , making it a popular choice for pets that are easily agitated or suffer from hyperactivity. It is also a stone for vitality and dynamism. It promotes the bond with humans and is well suited to animals that often change owners. Jasper improves fears and stress.

Jasper pendantred jasper pendant Red jasper pendant for hyperactive animals

Bronzite against shyness

It is a natural stone that helps with inner peace, well-being, happiness, serenity. Bronzite also promotes sociability, making it an excellent stone for timid pets .

bronze pendant Double Pointed Bronzite Pendant

It is important to do your own research and consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new therapies or treatments for your pet. It is also important to ensure that your pet cannot accidentally ingest or choke on small stones or crystals. …

This is why all the stones that I offer are in cages such as citrine, green aventurine, sodalite, jasper or in pointed pendants such as crystal, tiger's eye, bronzite, blue sand, ruby ​​zoisite.

You will find jewels for your animal and you in natural stones on my shop, come to discover and do not hesitate to ask me your questions.

Ghessy, my little cavalier kig charles Ghessy, my 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles, wears a caged rock crystal.

I hope you enjoyed this article and taught you something.

See you soon ...

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