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Cluster of extra quality amethysts, large crystals




Beautiful small clusters of amethysts from Brazil of extra quality with beautiful large purple crystals.

Contractual photos, 5 photos for each cluster. The colors depend on the light.

- 195g 6x4x4

- 177g 8x3x4

- 125g 6x3x2

- 177g 6x4x5

to purify your living spaces, stones, stone jewelry and your other crystals.

In lithotherapy : Amethyst is the stone of wisdom and spirituality. It has been called "the Bishops' Stone". After a certain time, it is recommended to recharge your minerals and jewelry with natural stones, in order to always feel their beneficial virtues. This reloading is carried out in the sun or in the moon according to the specificity of the mineral and/or on a cluster of amethyst like those which are proposed to you here.

Amethyst is ideal for purifying or recharging your healing stones. Arranged in a room, it also brings calm and relaxation.

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