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Agate eye ring, Cyclops eye ring, unique creation




This agate eye ring is a unique creation of French artisanal manufacture. Natural stone is also called "cyclops" agate.

Approximate size of the stone about 1 to 1.4 cm from India.

In lithotherapy : Like all agates, it soothes its wearer. It is known to open the third eye chakra and the gifts of clairvoyance. Agate is a stone of spirituality.

It was carved into this shape to give it the appearance of an eye.
It is not a simple agate because it carries with it the rather strong energy of its deposit of origin. She will work on the higher and spiritual planes. It promotes language and communication as well as spontaneous vision.
She brings confidence.
It will promote the opening of the third eye and the gifts of clairvoyance.
It will therefore help to interpret the messages of spirits and wandering souls.

the eye of Shiva.
The eye of one who knows and knows everything!
The Eye of the Mother Goddess.

The ring is adjustable in size, adjustable. The stone is mounted on polished claws which delicately grip the stone. The ring is made of brass and golden wire covered with a thin layer of silver. Tell me your size, I will adjust the ring to measure.

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