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Beautiful natural rose quartz, extra quality

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Find balance and inner well-being through lithotherapy with this beautiful rose quartz. Used for its ability to dispel negativity and increase personal radiance, this rose quartz can aid in bringing back energies of light and calm. Enjoy the calming and soothing energy of rose quartz.

Did you know ? Rose Quartz in Western Astrology is associated with the signs of Taurus and Libra. The related planet is Venus, symbol of love. The Chinese incorporate pieces of rose quartz into the foundations of their homes during construction, to bring good luck to the home.

This beautiful natural stone cut directly in the rock and polished in an artisanal way weighs 585g and measures 11cm high, 8cm wide and 3cm deep. This pink quartz has the particularity of being encrusted with crystal veins whose details are magnificent.

This pink quartz comes from Madagascar, it symbolizes appeasement. This beautiful polished block will go perfectly in a living room or bedroom for an environment radiating love and tenderness. It offers beautiful inclusions and reflections: a mixture of opacity and translucency depending on the light and its position.

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