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Authentic eye of Saint Lucia earrings




These eye of Saint Lucia earrings are 100% natural stone, shades and reflections may vary depending on the stones.

The stones come from Madagascar. The earrings measure approximately 2 cm. The primers are nickel and lead free alloy.

The eye of Saint Lucia represents one of the most used amulets against the evil eye. It is believed that it can protect against eye diseases, hence the association with Saint Lucia, protector of the eyes.

The eye of Saint Lucia is a lucky shell to offer to the one you love!

Attention, beware of imitations ... many eye of Shiva are sold as eye of Saint Lucia and they are not the same ... nor the prices !!! Shiva's eye is much more common so sells for less. The eye of Shiva is recognizable by its dark side on the back of the operculum, it does not have the shape of an ear.

You can choose bails and ear hooks in 925 silver with a surplus of 9.00 euros. All of our jewelry is customizable.

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