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Natural aquamarine bracelet for budding love




The aquamarine bracelet is the symbol of budding love. A Stone of Loyalty, also known as the Jewel of the Mermaids.

In lithotherapy, aquamarine is reputed to soothe anxieties, bring serenity and promote communication. It is thus often associated with artistic professions .

With its palette of blue ranging from the palest to the deepest and its brilliance in nuances, aquamarine gives jewelry a timeless and very feminine elegance .

Natural pearls of 6 or 8mm - Silver stainless steel finish
Standard size of 18cm - All sizes are possible, all our bracelets are made to measure, indicate yours in the comment when ordering.

To learn more about this beautiful natural stone, we invite you to read the blog article to learn more about the benefits of aquamarine.

and to know the stones to associate with aquamarine.

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