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Natural wood bracelet, wenge wood beads and sandalwood, men's bracelet




Unparalleled sobriety, this natural wood bracelet is distinguished by the streaks that make up each of the beads of this bracelet. It also has the advantage of being quite discreet.

For both men and women, it is a real gem of trendy jewelry.

Wenge is an exotic dark brown wood, sometimes with lighter stripes or even alternating dark stripes and light stripes from Africa. Sandalwood is widely used in the Buddhist tradition in meditation.

Here, bracelet in natural pearls of Wengé and sandalwood in 19cm for a standard male wrist. When ordering, indicate your wrist circumference.

Our Bracelets, like all our products, are handcrafted in France, made to measure and can be personalized.

Wooden bracelets have the advantage of being elegant, timeless and original, unlike traditional plastic or steel bracelets.

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