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Chrysocolla bracelet, symbol of self-expression




This chrysocolla bracelet has beautiful colors, a gradient of blue and green. This natural stone looks like spring blooming. It is the color of duck feathers.

For the Incas, this mineral is the symbol of water which gives fertility to nature. Its appearance is reminiscent of planet Earth seen from space: its colors describe a marbling ranging from blue to emerald green, passing through a brown sometimes tinged with a shade of rust.

In lithotherapy : It is a symbol of peace, protection, self-expression, communication. For example, chrysocolla is a gift for any budding musician: like a talisman, it will increase the confidence of the latter tenfold, who will thus be able to express their full potential or sing without complex in front of an audience. Stone of tranquility, favorable to meditation.

Characteristics of the chrysocolla bracelet : Natural 8mm chrysocolla beads silver finish in nickel-free stainless steel, gold-plated round bead.

Standard size of 18cm - All sizes are possible, all our bracelets are made to measure, indicate yours in the comment when ordering.

You will receive your beautiful French-made chrysocolla bracelet in its protective pouch.

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