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Cracked crystal bracelet, iridescent "harmony"




This beautiful cracked rock crystal bracelet symbolizes harmony.

Crackle crystal is rock crystal which, through a special procedure, is first heated and then cooled in an instant. As a result of this rapid temperature drop, the stone produces tiny cracks which give it its beautiful appearance.

    In lithotherapy : Rock crystal is a harmonious stone, a stone of Light. He acts as a purifier, a detoxifier. It helps to fight against stress, helps with concentration and to untie energetic and emotional blockages. It restores a harmonious energy in the body and finally it amplifies the benefits of other natural stones.

    • Top quality natural 8mm crackled or single crystal beads,
    • Silver pearl finish in lead and nickel free stainless steel
    • Size S Approx 18cm - Fits all wrist sizes 17-19cm
    • High resistance elastic.

    Standard size of 18cm - All sizes are possible, all our bracelets are made to measure, indicate yours in the comment when ordering.

    You will receive your beautiful crystal bracelet of French creation and manufacture in a small protective bag.

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