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Discover our magnificent gunmetal dragon bracelet in natural pearls for an ultra-trendy, powerful and wild look.

Behind the dragon a whole symbolism that will seduce you, because you are different.

Like many Hollywood stars, who wear this mysterious jewelry, you would feel an inner peace.

Black Onyx , in lithotherapy* has an extremely protective and healing energy. It is a stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy. She is beneficent, attracts peace and harmony in family relationships.

The red agate, the one called "dragon's vein" because it is marked with darker lines seeming to resemble the venous system, has virtues on the circulatory, lymphatic system and intestinal problems.

In China, the dragon hides a pearl under the folds of its goiter. This pearl symbolizes the extent of his power. Whoever is lucky enough to recover it will know happiness, fullness and wisdom : he will have access to immortality.

We made you a dragon bracelet in black onyx, a magnetic hematite bead to reinforce its power and in the dragon's goiter we inserted a small natural malachite bead (the real one) !

  • 8mm natural stone beads Matte black Onyx, red "dragon vein" agate, magnetic hematite
  • 4mm natural malachite bead
  • Dragon in nickel-free gunmetal
  • Size S: About 18cm - Suitable for all wrists from 17 to 19cm
  • High resistance elastic.

Standard size of 18cm - All sizes are possible, all our bracelets are made to measure, indicate yours in the comment when ordering.

The dragon bracelet gives you a different status... embodying fantasy, mystery, passion with its red side, imagination, creativity.

He leaves no one indifferent! and will even open a conversation...

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