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"Extra quality" labradorite bracelet, cuff bracelet, labradorite bracelet



MAGNIFICENT BRACELET in extra quality natural labradorite from Madagascar!

Let yourself be tempted by this modern natural stone bracelet that will fit just as well over a black sweater, in winter as a cuff, or in summer on your golden wrist. Labradorite in the sun will sparkle and reveal its full color palette.

Natural labradorite stones in the form of faceted plates of 1cm by 1.5cm by 0.6cm of excellent quality with multicolored reflections. The color of the pads is difficult to photograph. Labradorite is a gray stone which has reflections called labradorescence and which vary with movement and light. Blue and green are the colors most often present, but some quality stones can be sumptuously inhabited by all the colors of the spectrum.

Inner diameter of the bracelet 5 cm expandable. The bracelet is for a wrist circumference between 19 and 20cm, this is equivalent to a medium size. It is an adjustable bracelet on elastic.

In lithotherapy : Labradorite would constitute a mental protection, to block all that can harm. It is said of it that it is an energy shield.
Thus, it would be especially recommended for people working in the medical field as well as for professionals whose job it is to take care of others.

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