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Freshwater cultured pearl bracelet, 18K gold plated




A pretty freshwater cultured pearl bracelet that will go perfectly with each of your outfits. A clever mix of elegance and simplicity!

Feminine and elegant, a novelty for this summer that is sure to please you!

The freshwater pearls* in white mother-of-pearl are approximately 7mm with small 18K gold-plated pearls. They are mounted on silk thread with a clasp and gold-plated chain ending in a heart to be able to adjust the length.

Standard pearl bracelet size 18cm for an average sized wrist.

Size 19cm and Adjustable size with chain. Indicate your size when ordering.

The matching freshwater pearl choker is approximately 42cm long. Its length is adjustable with its chain.

For another size, indicate yours in the comments when ordering. If it is to offer, specify it. This pretty pearl bracelet is presented in a mother-of-pearl shell , of which you will find several models on the store.

All our stone jewelery is customizable and made to measure, made in France.

* *Freshwater pearls are cultured pearls (the secretion of mother-of-pearl is artificially provoked by grafting a mollusk) which distinguishes them from fine pearls (pearls obtained naturally by a pearl shell without the intervention of man) . Freshwater pearls are made exclusively of mother-of-pearl. They are produced by various species of bivalve molluscs in China (leading producer) and in Japan in Lake Biwa. The irregularity of their shape gives a unique character to each pearl.

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