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Thin bracelet in turquoise and labradorite beads




With this fine pearl bracelet, you can combine several bracelets and benefit from the unsuspected virtues of natural stones.

You will be able to express your style by choosing your favorite stones according to your outfit or your mood.

The turquoise bead bracelet in stainless steel finish is the symbol of the master healer, of the shamans. In lithotherapy : turquoise strengthens your energy field.

The labradorite bead bracelet is the bracelet for therapists. If you are tired, if you feel out of balance in your life, choose labradorite bracelets. Labradorite is known to be a very powerful stone . It absorbs bad energies. It is said of it that it is an energy shield that absorbs the negative.

6mm turquoise beads, labradorite, stainless steel, size 18cm

Thin pearl bracelet with high resistance elastic, made to measure and customizable. Our bracelets are handcrafted in France for superior quality.

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