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Multicolor fluorite bracelet with gold-plated finish



This multicolored fluorite bracelet is made of extra quality natural pearls.

In lithotherapy : fluorite, which is also found under the name fluorite, due to its fluorine content, has many properties. The stone of genius, that's his nickname, is a stone of knowledge, of the intellect. It increases intuition and amplifies our capacity for discernment. It promotes learning by strengthening memory and increasing concentration. Fluorite is thus recommended for students and people with intellectual professions.

A high-strength elastic bracelet with rigorously selected 8mm multicolored fluorite natural beads. Gemstone pearls are natural and all different, unique, color and size may vary.

Extra 8mm beads, high strength elastic, gold plated bead finish

Standard size of 18cm - All sizes are possible, all our bracelets are made to measure, indicate yours in the comment when ordering.

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