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Authentic garnet bracelet with 14K gold heart




Sublime authentic garnet bracelet, in extra quality burgundy natural garnet beads of 8mm
Handmade, artisanal made in France
Elastic strap
14K gold heart finish
Customizable and tailor-made
T18cm is a standard size for a wrist between 17 and 19cm

For a very long time confused with Ruby, Garnet has been known for several millennia because it was the favorite stone of Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher.

In lithotherapy : Garnet promotes the supply of energy and vitality. It will give courage to undertake projects and better understand what you want to get straight to the point. It is a stone that develops the survival instinct, it will be beneficial against depressive periods. Garnet is also a sexual stimulant, especially for these gentlemen.

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