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Bracelet the 7 chakras in natural pearls




This bracelet the 7 chakras will by its spiritual and vital energy allow you to harmonize your body, your spirit and your conscience.

The 7 chakras bracelet is one of the flagship jewels of lithotherapy and it has multiple meanings.

In lithotherapy *:

  • The colors are those of the rainbow, with numbers of 7 ranging from purple to red.
  • 7 natural stones of different colors corresponding to the 7 chakras of the spine.
  • Each color represents a chakra. The succession of these 7 stones, which each represent a chakra, helps to find the energy balance necessary for the opening of the primary chakras.
  • Each natural stone bead, by its color and the vibrations it emits, will influence one of your 7 chakras to unblock it, rebalance it and allow energy to circulate again.
  • We have chosen to associate the 7 pearls of the 7 chakras with agate because it is a stone of peace and relaxation.
  • Combined together and in a single bracelet the 7 chakras , these natural stones will multiply their energy power and help you free yourself from your blockages.
  • 8mm natural stone beads in black lava or white agates with red agate, carnelian, tiger's eye, green aventurine, turquoise, lapis lazuli or sodalite, amethyst
  • Nickel free stainless steel silver pearl finish,
  • Size S: About 18cm - Suitable for all wrists from 17 to 19cm
  • Size to be specified when ordering, you will receive your bracelet to your measurement
  • To take the size of your wrist, measure it with a tape measure where you like to wear your bracelet, without tightening.
  • High resistance elastic.

You will receive your bracelet the 7 chakras of creation and French manufacture in its protective pouch.

For an adornment, the 7 chakras natural pearl necklace may interest you.

To learn more about the meanings of the 7 chakras , you can read the article on the blog.

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