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Natural black obsidian bracelet, gold plated, women's bracelet



The colors that we like to wear at a party or with a little black sweater. This black obsidian bracelet is simple, elegant, a beautiful bright black with reflections to coordinate easily with all your outfits.

In lithotherapy : Obsidian has the ability to protect you from negative energies and protect you against bad luck. Ancient peoples like the Mayans consider it a sacred stone. Coming from a volcano, it would symbolize the earth and therefore represents the incarnation.

Features of this obsidian bracelet : in natural 6mm AAA black obsidian beads, gold-plated bead finish. High resistance elastic.

Size 18cm standard - T17cm
for all other sizes, indicate yours in the comments when ordering.

You will receive your beautiful black obsidian bracelet in its protective pouch.
If it is to offer, specify it.

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