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Authentic black spinel bracelet, minimalist bracelet for men and women

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Minimalist black spinel bracelet made with very small black faceted beads of 3 to 4 mm approx. The small dimensions and facets give this bracelet a great sparkle with every movement.

In lithotherapy : Black spinel is one of the most powerful protection stones. It is said to protect entities. Black spinel opens the chakras to facilitate the rise of Kundalini and thus offer energy rebalancing and refocusing. It is known to be beneficial both mentally and physically. Various traditions lend it powers acting on vigor and dynamism.

Elastic stacking bracelet with black spinel beads AAA quality. Black spinel is compared to black diamonds because of their magnificent sparkle!

Standard size about 19cm

This beautiful natural gemstone shiny black spinel bracelet can be a gift for him or for her.

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