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18k gold plated blue howlite turtle bracelet




Turtle bracelet with support bolo bracelet in 18K white gold plated or 18K yellow gold plated with zircon.

The blue natural howlite stone turtle measures 18mm long by 14mm wide.

Length of 12cm adjustable thanks to its sliding bead.

The turtle has a strong symbolism , it is a lucky charm linked to its longevity and endurance. Native Americans place the turtle at the origin of the creation of the world. The stable turtle on its 4 legs would then have the function of carrying the world. Among the Algonquins and in Asian culture, the dome of its carapace is associated with the vault of the celestial world and its breastplate with the earth under our feet. It symbolizes the world and also in Indian culture. In the Maya culture, the turtle is associated with the symbol of water and earth. She is related to the deity Pauahtun who would have carried the world on her shoulders with a turtle shell on her head. Finally, in the art of Feng Shui, the turtle is one of the 4 celestial animals that protect the world. It contributes to the balance of energies. It is a symbol of resilience and tenacity. Its longevity is associated with good health and protection. It is said to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity in studies and business when used as an amulet, jewelry.

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