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Célestite, Célestine "the stone of the angels" 928g



Celestine is also called Celestine. Both names represent her. This natural stone is made up of crystals of a celestial blue, sky blue hence its name of stone of the Angels.

This beautiful Celestine geode measures 13cm x 9cm x 5cm weight 938g. It comes to us from Sakoany in Madagascar.

In lithotherapy  : Linked to angels, celestite is ideal for dreams, dream recall, astral travel and yin/yang balance. Celestite is a gentle stone that helps overcome stress, anxieties and nightmares. It is very suitable for children and anxious people. It brings harmony, relaxation, peace and promotes creativity, imagination.

"La Pierre des Anges" is therefore the ideal stone to put in your bedroom.

Responsible packaging from the recycled industry. Each natural stone is unique and has natural imperfections that make it even more beautiful and special.

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