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Shungite box "the neutralizer" 7 shungite stones



This shungite box includes : 1 piece of raw shungite (100gr) + 1 Keychain with a rolled silver-plated shungite stone + 1 rolled shungite stone + 1 flat oval shungite pendant + 1 raw matt shungite pyramid of 5cm x 5cm + 1 polished shungite pyramid 3cm x 3cm + 1 adhesive pad for your mobile phone

The eco-friendly black cardboard box has a flower of life design

Approximate size of the shungite box: 24.5 x 12 cm

A nice box to offer yourself or to offer for the holidays for all beginners, lovers of lithotherapy and lovers of minerals.

Being a natural product, each piece of the box is unique.

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