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Lithotherapy box, 8 natural stones for a perfect balance



This lithotherapy box includes 8 natural stones:
raw aragonite comes from Mexico and symbolizes tranquility,
kyanite, also called raw kyanite comes from Brazil, it is a stone of expression,
the raw yellow calcite comes from Brazil, it is confidence,
raw mokaite jasper comes from Brazil, it brings vitality,
raw fuchsite comes from Brazil, it is a safety stone,
raw rainbow fluorite comes from Brazil, it is recommended for concentration,
the smoky quartz druse comes from Brazil, it fights addictions,
raw Chalcopyrite or pyrite comes from Peru, it brings prosperity.

These 8 untreated, rough stones are each beautiful and medium in size. Each of them has a specific virtue in lithotherapy, making this box a balanced and harmonious set for a beautiful gift to offer.

The box is made of black cardboard with a drawing of a flower of life coated with ecological wood

Approximate box size: 24.5 x 12 cm
Approximate weight of the box: 600 g

A nice box to afford or to offer for all beginners, lovers of lithotherapy and lovers of minerals.

Being a natural product, each stone in the box is unique. Natural stones are different from one box to another. Non-contractual photo.

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