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Natural amazonite necklace



This amazonite choker necklace is made with a natural cut amazonite stone surrounded by silver wire.

A unique and original creation for a unique person.

The necklace is 45 cm long.
Cut and polished natural amazonite stone from Brazil.
Necklace for men or women.

Amazonite owes its name to the Amazon River, it was there that it was discovered for the very first time. Blue-green in color, this stone paid homage to the Amazon warriors, it symbolizes courage and perseverance.

In lithotherapy : Applied to the heart chakra, this fabulous blue stone offers unconditional tenderness towards loved ones. Amazonite brings the perception of reciprocal and sincere feelings to its wearer, it gives the one who holds it a feeling of pure happiness. Applied to the throat chakra, this stone offers sweetness and sincerity in affective commitments. It is a stone of expression and serenity.

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