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crystal mala necklace



Handcrafted mala necklace with 108 natural crystal beads.

Sublime as well worn with an evening dress as with a shirt in a casual way. The mala necklace is a long necklace for a chic, fashionable bohemian look.

The Mala is also a necklace with religious significance. It is used to count the number of mantras that are repeated, just like a rosary. 108 is the ideal number for all sorts of purposes. Together they symbolize victory over all obstacles in the Tibetan tradition.

This mala necklace in 8mm rock crystal beads measures 80cm.

  • Rock crystal is considered the king of stones in lithotherapy. Anyone new to this discipline should start by getting this mineral, because it can potentially replace all other stones. The rock crystal mala necklace protects by neutralizing negative energies.

    Your beautiful mala necklace will be sent to you in a brocade pouch.

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