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Pearl necklace "the 7 chakras"



This pearl necklace "the 7 chakras" is composed of quality natural stones in white agates and black agates with each of the stones representing the 7 chakras.

It is one of the flagship jewels of lithotherapy which has multiple meanings.

In lithotherapy*, the 7 chakras allow you to harmonize your energy centers.

  • The colors are those of the rainbow, with numbers of 7 ranging from purple to red.
  • 7 natural stones of different colors corresponding to the 7 chakras of the spine.
  • Each color represents a chakra. The succession of these 7 stones, which each represent a chakra, helps to find the energy balance necessary for the opening of the primary chakras.

This necklace was mounted with natural agate beads because agate in lithotherapy is a stone of peace and relaxation.

Composition of this pearl necklace "the 7 chakras" :

  • 8mm beads in white agates and black agates
  • the 7 stones in 8mm beads red agate, carnelian, tiger's eye, green aventurine, turquoise, sodalite, amethyst
  • Silver Tibetan beads finish in nickel-free stainless steel,
  • Silver clasp in nickel-free stainless steel
  • Neck circumference 54cm
  • For a custom-made choker, specify your size in the comments. We manufacture to measure.

For an adornment, this 7 chakras bracelet may interest you and to learn more about the meaning of the 7 chakras, you can read the blog article .

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