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Black kyanite pendant, black kyanite, kyanite



The black kyanite pendant is a natural stone from Brazil.

This variety of black kyanite is one of Brazil's treasure called raethicite.

Each stone is unique, therefore different. They measure between 2 and 5cm.

All photos are contractual and show you the pendant from the front and from the back.

In lithotherapy : black kyanite also called black kyanite, kyanite or fan stone, is a great protection stone linked to the root chakra. It is a still little-known stone symbol of harmony and self-knowledge. Kyanite is said to be a highly energetic stone. It would diffuse soft and benevolent vibrations that would fight against stress and anxiety .

All our natural stone pendants are customizable.

To know everything about this black stone, very special in the shape of a fan , I invite you to read the article on black kyanite on the blog.

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