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Goddess of nature, of the moon, Gaïa, statuette in natural soapstone

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This nature or moon goddess is made of natural soapstone.

Soapstone or "Soapstone" is a soapstone.

In lithotherapy: The steatite stone is flexible and malleable when it has just been extracted and it hardens over time. it is symbolically the stone which makes it possible to harden oneself. It allows you to gain experience and stability.

In Wicca, the Goddess has many names (Brigit, Venus, Aphrodite, etc.) but all these faces are one and the same entity: The Mother Goddess.
Depending on what we pray or what we celebrate, we can give it a particular face in order to channel the energy associated with this name/face.
On her abdomen is represented the spiral of the cycle of life and fertility. Birth, life and death.

Due to natural variations, the material is sometimes darker, sometimes lighter.

The statuette is 12cm. Handmade and fair trade statuette

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