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Large amethyst druse with goethite 957g, collector's item

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This large, long amethyst druse comes from Brazil, known for its pyramidal crystals. This one has magnificent ones with goethite inclusions.

It weighs 957g and measures 20cm by 10cm with a slice of 5cm thick.

In lithotherapy, amethyst soothes fears, conscious or unconscious fears. It is a stone that harmonizes, a stone of wisdom and humility. Amethyst promotes dreams, intuition, since your mind is more relaxed you will be better able to capture messages from the subconscious. It is a stone recommended in meditation.

In addition, this large amethyst druse has an ideal shape to put all your natural stone jewelry on. It is often placed in a bedroom.

A superb and rare piece for all lovers of beautiful stones.

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