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Palo Santo and rose incense tablet, mom gift, romantic atmosphere



Palo Santo incense with rose from Peru for a beautiful cozy atmosphere imbued with serenity. In its pretty pink box, it is a perfect gift for Mother's Day or a romantic evening.

This incense from Palo Santo comes in the form of a tablet to burn of approximately 1.5 x 4 cm. In each small box you will find approximately 8 units of the Ispalla brand. These are tablets made from eco-responsible harvested wood from Peru.

The Palo Santo (sacred wood in Spanish) is a tree used in purification, in the same way as incense, against negative energies according to certain beliefs. Palo Santo wood is recognized for its purifying and relaxing properties. In Native American tradition, healers use Palo Santo during fumigation rituals. Its woody and balsamic aromas are known to purify the atmosphere and bring peace and harmony. Palo Santo belongs to the same botanical family as Myrrh and Frankincense. It promotes concentration and meditation.

For your natural stones that do not support water, p them carefully enough under the smoky layer that your incense releases for a few minutes.

Once your stones are purified you can go to the reloading stage on a beautiful quartz geode or on an amethyst cluster.

This Palo Santo and rose incense tablet has a burning time of approximately 25 minutes.

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