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Large Raw Rainbow Fluorite from Brazil, 4kg 200g Natural Fluorite! rare coin



This great rainbow fluorite comes to us from Brazil. It's a rare piece! It's the Northern Lights in a crystal! Hold it up to the light to appreciate its dazzling colors.

You will find this natural stone, also under the name of rainbow fluorite or "fluorspar". Composed of fluoride, rainbow fluorite stone is a favorite mineral among collectors.

It weighs 4kg200g and measures 18cm high, 14cm wide and 12cm deep.

The rainbow fluorite is the most appreciated, the most remarkable of the fluorites. This authentic stone alone merges all the hues into a single crystal, often cubic in shape.

In lithotherapy : rainbow fluorite helps concentration and reflection. It is considered the stone of seekers, for this reason it is called "the stone of genius" . This stone also facilitates intuition and meditation .

Rainbow fluorite is connected to the heart chakra. Motivated by love, this fourth Chakra brings wholeness. It is also connected to the crown chakra, a real gateway for receiving flows of cosmic energies.

Rainbow fluorite purifies in unsalted water. Its recharging is done a little in the sun or on a mass of quartz .

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