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Heart in gabbro "mystical merlinite", heart



Large heart in gabbro from Madagascar of about 250g and 7cm by 7cm, indigo color.

Madagascar gabbro, or mystical merlinite, is a recent discovery with some properties yet to be discovered . Gabbro is an igneous rock, which therefore crystallizes in depth, and which is found on the surface thanks to tectonic movements. This is the case in Madagascar, where these gabbros date back approximately 1.2 billion years. It is essentially made up of olivine, pyroxene, amphiboles and plagioclase feldspars. The mineral contents are variable, but always well crystallized.

In lithotherapy : Regeneration stone and guide to the changes to come, it will support you in making the right decisions in new times.

Rich in ferromagnesian minerals and rare metals (nickel, copper, cobalt...) Gabbro is an excellent support stone. It reduces physical fatigue and stress.

Revitalizing from an energetic point of view, the Gabbro reduces pain that has been present for a long time, the origin of which is diffuse or difficult to determine.

It is associated with the root chakra.

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