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Labradorite pebble "the stone of protection"




Very iridescent labradorite pebble, a palm stone, healing stone, anti-stress protection stone, reiki chakra stone, a natural stone from Madagascar.

In lithotherapy* : Labradorite is the protective stone. It is a regenerating stone, an energy shield that allows you to absorb the negative. Used in times of great fatigue, it is particularly recommended for all people in a helping relationship or receiving from the public, as well as therapists.

    With its reflections resembling an aurora borealis, it is an exceptional, mysterious and magical stone. It is the most powerful stone to activate a chakra, especially from the hands.

    Characteristics of this labradorite pebble : a natural labradorite stone, cut in the form of a pebble and polished in France. Each labradorite pebble is unique

    Each of the pebbles measures approximately 6 cm and weighs between 75g and 125g.

    Decorative, this beautiful labradorite pebble also brings you full protection if you carry it on you, or in the place where you put it down.

    To learn more about labradorite, you can read the blog post.

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    *This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of therapists and users. Lithotherapy does not replace medicine or any medical treatment. If in doubt about your health, consult a doctor.

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