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Small quartz geode 200g, whole



Small whole, natural and raw quartz geode a small wonder of nature . They come from Morocco, have crystals of great beauty making each of the little jewels!

This small quartz geode can be used as a beautiful box to offer your engagement ring to your princess. An original packaging of all beauty đź’ť

The benefits of the quartz geode in lithotherapy* :

  • Energizes the energies,
  • Raises the vibratory rate of a place,
  • Used as reload for all minerals.

Each geode measures between 7cm by 6cm approximately, and weighs approximately 200g.

This small geode can be used for decoration, for collectors, for recharging your rings and small stones but also as a jewelry box to offer.. .

You will also find medium-sized geodes and large whole quartz geodes in our shop.

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