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Large Whole White Quartz Geode 3Kg

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Large white quartz geode from Brazil, sold whole.

The geode measures approximately 25cm by 19cm and 13cm. It is huge and very deep with a beautiful cavity in which you can put your different minerals.

In lithotherapy : the quartz geode is recognized for its regenerating and protective properties.

  • Energizes energies and raises the vibratory rate of a place.
  • All Mineral Reload Tool
  • Quartz crystals are high vibration stones.
  • They are associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

It also allows you to recharge your natural stones, minerals and stone jewellery. Place your jewelry, bracelet, stone in the cavity of the geode for a night or a whole day.

This geode is sold whole, which is not always the case, often you only receive a half. Very practical form, because it is possible to "imprison" in the geode the minerals that one wishes to recharge.

Active chakra: all.
Balance the signs: all.
To purify your stone: pass the stone under running water, fumigate with a stick of sage for example.
To recharge your stone: the rock crystal geode does not need to be recharged, it recharges naturally.

Contractual photos, each geode is 100% natural, authentic, making each piece a unique collection stone.

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