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Iolite pendant, cordierite the "water sapphire"



This beautiful dark blue Iolite also called cordierite is a natural stone from Madagascar.

Iolite is a hydrophilic stone; its reflections are revealed under water ranging from blue to mauve, which is why it has been nicknamed "the water sapphire".

In symbolism, iolite is the stone of the owl. From Greek symbolism: It is the stone of the goddess Athena, representing the owl.

In lithotherapy* : Iolite is a stone known to chase away dark thoughts, which promotes astral travel and communication. It is also recommended to promote intuition. For beginners, it will be the perfect rock to begin their initiation to spirituality and meditation.

Characteristics of this Iolite : weighs 18gr, measures 4cm by 3cm, mounted on a classic silver stainless steel bail and offered with its stainless steel chain, silver surface treatment of 50cm.

You will receive your pretty iolite in its protective pouch with its lithotherapy sheet.

*The characteristics of all mineral stones on our website are not scientifically proven. They are based on the experiences of users and gemstone therapists. The healing properties described are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician. If in doubt about your health, consult a doctor.

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