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Extra white labradorite pendant, peristerite, rainbow moonstone



Extra quality white labradorite from Madagascar in the shape of a marquise also called peristerite.

Rainbow moonstone is actually not really a moonstone but a variety of peristerite also known as white labradorite This is a trade name given to it because of its strong resemblance to this stone.

3.5cm white labradorite pendant

In lithotherapy : White labradorite, which you will find on the market under the name rainbow moonstone, has all the virtues of labradorite and not moonstone. It is therefore a stone of protection. This stone is both soothing and delicate , it could help you fall asleep more easily and quickly. Rainbow moonstone is very protective , it will keep you away from all the negative and harmful energies that are nearby.

Each piece is unique, none are alike, 100% natural, handcrafted in France. This pretty natural stone in the shape of a marquise will be perfect for sublimating a neckline.

To learn more about white labradorite and moonstone , we invite you to read the blog article.

* White Labradorite is actually a Peristerite, a variety of Albite which has an adularescence effect (blue or colored reflections). Its trade name is Pierre de Rainbow Moon, but it has nothing to do mineralogically with real Moonstone. This confusion comes from the fact that all these stones come from the same large family of Feldspar. Chemically and visually, however, they do not have the same characteristics. That said, their properties are quite close.

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