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labradorite slab pendant, labradorite slab




Modern and original, each plate labradorite pendant is a unique piece.

The natural labradorite plates come from Madagascar. They are cut directly into the rock, then polished, leaving the sides raw.

Mysterious, magical, protective, gray stone whose magnificent reflections are revealed by the movements of the body, solar or lunar light.

In lithotherapy : Labradorite protects against negative energies and acts as an energy shield.

The natural blue labradorite slab measures 8cm high by 4cm wide.

The golden labradorite plate measures 7.5cm by 4cm with a 70cm black leather cord

The purple labradorite plate measures 6cm by 5cm.

A unique stone to wear as a long necklace, for example, in a bohemian way.

This beautiful plate labradorite pendant will be sent to you in a purse with a classic black cord.

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