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The essential books in lithotherapy



In lithotherapy to easily discover the world of natural stones and their benefits.

  • daily stones ,

The purpose of this book is to allow you to make the best use of the magic of the mineral world in your everyday life.

While the literature abounds with stone dictionaries describing their many physical and psycho-emotional properties, there are few books that really introduce the reader to the practical applications of lithotherapy. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the stones and the softness of their benefits.

A resolutely didactic and beautifully illustrated book

Author : Julia Boshiero, trainer and practitioner in lithotherapy since 2007. Allow anyone looking for a healthy, sensitive and yet rational lithotherapy to walk in complete peace of mind.

  • Healing Crystals ,

This book gives you everything a beginner needs to know to explore the deep relationships between soul, body and spirit.

Discover how to clear your emotional blockages, stimulate your creativity, and improve your mood thanks to the vibratory power of crystals, with:

  • Accurate descriptions of crystals and their unique healing properties
  • Over 200 remedies, and profiles of 95 minerals, including their colors, main uses, corresponding chakras, and recommendations for where to place them
  • Daily meditations and mantras for a truly holistic approach
  • Tips for creating mandalas that will release the positive power of healing crystals and stones

With Karen Frazier, experienced lithotherapist, energy healer and Usui Reiki practitioner, make your life flourish thanks to the healing power of crystals!

A gift that will please all lovers of lithotherapy!

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