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Pair of septaria, nodule of septaria




Pair of septaria from Morocco, also called septaria nodule or septarian geode. It is a natural nodule split in two and polished.

In lithotherapy : Septaria will help you free yourself from your emotions, your traumas or your fears. You will be able to live in a more serene way and without anxieties. The septaria is called "the stone of the dragon".

These nodules formed around a core of organic matter that washed up on the mud of the seabed. This organic mass will be colonized by bacteria. Depending on the size of the organic mass, that of the bacterial colony, its vitality and its lifespan, the nodules will reach various sizes. This process results in a mass of carbonates, generally spherical in shape, waterlogged, and which may contain various minerals in solution, fossil remains, etc.

The sediments will continue to settle and compact the nodule, which will flatten and lose its water and dehydrate like a ball of abandoned bread dough: slits will open in the mass. Over time, new mineral solutions can invade the cracks resulting in white welts in this case.

A gift for your other half, the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, everyone can keep a half.

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